Ron G

Ronald "Ron G" Suggs Jr. is a dynamic producer and owner of StudioHouse based in Mobile, AL. He has an eclectic sound, a style he describes as "Waffle House JukeBox” and has worked with a wide range of artists from a variety of genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Techno, Jazz, Trance Hop, Gospel, Blues and everything in between. He boasts a full suite of skills from reading, writing, producing, arranging, and engineering. 

His musical interests developed at an early age as he witnessed his father "Hot Ron Anthony" spin records for 95.7 WABB. He knew then that the music industry was where he wanted to be for the rest of his life. He started in the church playing the drums at 8yrs old, next it was the piano, and by the age of 18 he had mastered six-string acoustics. Throughout middle and high school he was active in the band including everything from marching, jazz, and winter percussion units. While attending Murphy High School in 2001, Ron was named All-State No.2 high-school percussionist in Alabama and No.1 in the Alabama Southern Region. His study of music continued at Bishop State where he received his Associate's in the Applied Science of Music Program. He took Summer classes at Alabama A&M and went on to ITT Tech to complete the Computer Electronics Engineering Program. His passion for music further led him to Omni Tech Institute in Atlanta, GA where he graduated from the Audio Engineering/Music Production Program and was certified as a Microsoft Professional +++. While in Atlanta, he landed a prestigious internship at Grand Hustle Studios where he honed his craft and gained experience working in a professional studio setting. 

Upon returning home to Mobile, Ron G worked at various studios in the city notably Maysvillin, Roman Empire, and Blue Magic. In 2018, he decided to follow in the entrepreneurial footsteps of his parents and create his own space at StudioHouse, a home-based recording studio. He set out with the vision to expose artists to an uncontemporary experience that was more comfortable and personable, something vastly different from what he saw at the traditional big label recording studios. Here he produced the album "Pieces of my Heart" with Miss Lady Blues which was nominated in 2019 for a Grammy Award in the traditional blues category. Ron G continues to be a highly sought-after producer known for helping artists create top-notch radio quality music. His favorite part of being a producer is the entire creative process and collaborating to create something beautiful out of nothing. In 2020, he brought on a 2nd in-house producer/engineer, Trevor James, and the two together are changing the game and actively investing to expand and upgrade StudioHouse. 

Ron G is looking forward to the future with this newest venture in partnership with Tinashe Nyatanga. The two first met in 2012 on the set of a music video at recording studio Roman Empire. They kept in touch and ultimately were reunited when Tinashe launched his blockchain and cryptocurrency educational group on Facebook. Ron recalls Tinashe giving him 10K DigiByte coins which he watched grow from mere fractions of a cent to a value of $800. It was then that he knew this could be something life changing! He began to study and do research on his own and became hooked. As the two continued to develop a deeper relationship, he felt it only right to use this knowledge to open up new opportunities. Ron G believes that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize and decentralize the music industry, putting power back in the hands of the artists to control their content and their profits. This shift will create less obstacles for artists, allow them to connect directly to fans and the larger market on a personal level, and release their content freely.

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-Ron G

• Microsoft Certified Professional • Radio Broadcast • Live Sound • Standard Industry DAW’s • File Management
• Mixing • Signal Flow Knowledge • CompTIA A+ Certified • Music Theory • Studio Musician 
• Music Production (Multi-Genre) • Analog Recording/Production Gear 

Education Background 
• Omni Tech Institue “Audio Engineering/ Music Production Program” - Atlanta, GA
• ITT Tech “Computer Electronics Engineering Program” - Mobile, AL 
• Bishop State Community College “Associates Degree of the Applied Science of Music Program” - Mobile, AL